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To visit VOLO for an EMS Session, 3D Infrared Body Composition Scan or Nutirtion Coaching, you can see the full calendar of available appointment times right here on the website. If you'd like to talk to Roseanna about your goals first, then book a consultation below!



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VOLO opens November 1st 2021 in Greystones!

Positioned right at the entrance of Go Gym, Charlesland Road in Greystones, it's impossible not to be captivated by the refreshing VOLO studio space which offers a seriously personalised service to individuals with health transformation goals and needs.

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Roseanna's flagship programme at VOLO is for women experiencing perimenopause and menopause, who need to make serious changes fast to restore energy levels, clear brain fog and start feeling like themselves again whilst combating with menopause weight gain. Learn more about the flagship programme here!

She additionally offers programmes for men, corporate teams, athletes and injury rehabilitation clients, using a blend of 3D scanning technology, whole-body EMS training and evidence-based nutrition.

This blend of insight, cutting-edge technology and real science is set to break boundaries and stereotypes when it comes to body and health transformation.

Working with Roseanna begins with an online consultation. You haven't book yet? You can do so here.

Pump Up The VOLO; Kicking those menopause blues with fitness

[Coverage by Greystones Guide Ireland]

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Roseanna Gorman, Founder of VOLO

It was one doctor’s lazy diagnosis that set Roseanna Gorman on a very wild and rewarding journey.

A journey that would lead her to setting up her own hugely successful fitness clinic in Spain, popping up in Hello! magazine and appearing on Channel 4.

The diagnosis in question saw the 40-year-old Roseanna being told that she was too young for the menopause blues and that she really should really just come back “in 4 or 5 years” for some of that soothing Hormonal Replacement Therapy.

And so the fuse was lit, a deep dive into finding happiness through health leading Ms Gorman to qualifying as a nutritional therapist and a level 4 personal trainer – all the while studying the science behind this mid-life melancholy through the International Menopause Society’s IMPART training course.

Employing a 3-step system to fitness and fun, Volo starts with a 3D infrared body scan to determine the right weight and shape for that particular person before concentrating on Electro Muscle Stimulation and nutrition.

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